What kind of world do you TRULY wish to live in?


What kind of world would you like for your children, and for their children?

There are big changes taking place that will affect EVERY one of us, impacting upon our health and how we live our lives.

Burying our heads in the sand and hoping for the best will no longer work. These changes will, sadly, reach EVERYONE’S ‘safe little bubble’

Our governments and big business do NOT have our health and best interests at heart. Money speaks louder.

If you and I do not make a stand, to protect this planet and our children, then who will?


Many of us are faced with feelings of powerlessness when we see/hear about what is happening in the world. Media and television feed us fear and horror stories constantly. Whilst we worry over the latest terrible story, other very big decisions and changes are taking place around us that we often don’t hear very much about. With the likes of Artificial Intelligence, gene manipulation, 5g, Transhumanism, on the rise all the time, and more and more instances of violence, suicide and other selfharm on the increase, especially in children; I feel there has never been a more urgent time for us to sincerely ask ourselves the question, ‘What kind of world do I truly wish to live in?’ …and then, furthermore, to see what we can do to try and bring that world about.

Whilst we all sit back in apathy, or fear, or in feelings of powerlessness we allow the world of another person/corporation/government to be created. No one on this planet is more important than anyone else. We should ALL have a say about what affects us, and what affects our children. It is a basic human right. We have developed this site to act as a hub for concerned people to gather and share ways in which we truly CAN make a difference on the Earth at this time. None of us came here to just be a passive cog in a machine that is not of our making. None of us came here to just quietly sit by whilst attrocious things happen around us.

Whatever your beliefs, whatever course you feel the world needs to take, I urge you to make a stand. To voice your truths or your concerns. To demand transparency and true independent research into the health implications before new technologies or devices are introduced to us. To tell those in positions of ‘power’ that we won’t sit idly by whilst decisions are made that affect our lives, our health and our wellbeing, (and that of our children,) without us having any real input. We are much more powerful than we have been led to believe. If those of us who care about this planet, and the direction it is moving in, stand together for the values that truly matter to us as human beings we DO have the power to change the world. The time is NOW.


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